eSport-Community !
We are an amateur multi-gaming community ...
... mainly composed of players from the german-speaking countries.
We are looking forward to meeting nice and leisurely people, regardless of their mother tongue, skill level or playing style. The ability of practicing good behavior is the most important skill in our community. Consequently, we welcome every fellow player who shares this concern.

Although we mostly play games from the FPS and RTS genre, we have no fears of contact toward other genres and like to try out new games.
Make use ...
... of our TeamSpeak-Server.
Talk and play with us or just use the public channels to coordinate your teamplay with friends.

The address, more information and our guidelines can be found on our contact page.
Gather people ...
... for games which you like.
Feel encouraged to invite players to games which you would like to play or push in a group.

Let us know if a separate voice channel is desired.
Counter-Strike ...
... still very popular.
Traditionally, we also play the Counter-Strike series, currently with main focus on the new part Global Offensive.

Participate !
Dota 2 ...
... a solid MOBA title.
We have already played the free-to-play MOBA in beta status, meanwhile it has grown to one of the most played titles in our community.

Get Dota via Steam !
True Tactic Shooters ...
... are less mainstream.
Nevertheless, there are some titles that deserve more attention by fans of these shooters.

We play Escape from Tarkov, Squad, the old Americas Army and others.
Build, Explore, Survive ...
... 3 imperatives which we like.
We also like playing games in which one can build, explore and survive.

Some of us have been really dedicated in Rust and other games of this kind.