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Pagelook overhauled
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NEW IP-Addresses (Up...

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2013-06-13 at 09:58 - General.Jung

en: We are searching admins and active players for our new gameservers. We have currently the following server in our list for the next weeks

de: Wir suchen Adminstratoren, Leader und aktive Spieler für unsere neuen Gameserver. Aktuell planen wir folgende Server in den nächsten Wochen online zu nehmen:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Team Fortress 2


READ MORE (Deutsch) | READ MORE (English)

Pagelook overhauled
2013-06-11 at 12:08 - General.Jung

We overhauled our homepages to stick with newer webstandards like CSS3. Browser without a complete CSS3 support will still see a slightly modified version of the old page. This design is still not fixed and I would be please about any feedback may redirect to us.

NEW IP-Addresses (Update)
2013-05-21 at 04:04 - General.Jung

The IP of our Voiceservices have been changed during the night. The Domains ts.esportcommunity.com and vs.jungservices.net now routes to We expect the DNS zonefile-transfer to be completed in the next hours. The databasebackup has been applied at 02:24 UTC and should relect that data.

Expect any further updates on the gameserver here soon.

Please do not hestitate to contact our admin staff, if you expierence any problem with our services.


The last servers are going to move to the new IP in the next 24 hours, we do not expect any playtime interruption. All plugins has been already ported to the new server. The public gameserverdomain gs.esportcommunity.com has been already routed to the new IP.

IP Change incoming in the next weeks
2013-05-12 at 12:49 - admin

We are going to switch to new server hardware. We expecting the work to be done in the next weeks. This will change the IP of all our Gameservers and Voiceservices. Be sure to join our public steam group to stay in touch.

Furthermore, our services are always reachable via domains, which will be routed to the new IPs. Its ts.esportcommunity.com for our Voiceservices and gs.esportcommunity.com for our public Gameservers.


Link: Steam Group

CS:S Glass Server not working (Update)
2013-04-16 at 21:30 - SoulReaper_91

Greeting to all of our players,

we are already informed about the fact, that our glass server is not working. It is due to an update of the game itself, we are trying to fix this problem ASAP but can not promise to solve it, without Valve releasing an update.


server is running again, there are still some little problems, but it hast nearly the quality we like to gurantee

Beta Registration for Americas Army 4
2013-04-08 at 19:34 - admin

Wanted: Beta Testers

We bet that got your attention, huh? That’s right, we’re looking for volunteers for our Beta Tester team to help test the next version of America’s Army which is due out this year!

Let’s say that again, THIS YEAR!

Go to http://portal.americasarmy.com/ to register your Soldier name for a chance to be selected as one of our new Beta Testers!

Good Luck Soldiers!

ArmA3: Entwickler-Rundgang Teil 4
2012-07-22 at 21:39 - General.Jung

Das Magazin Gamestar veröffentlicht aktuell einen 7-teilig Entwickler-Rundgang Jay Crowe durch Arma3. Im ersten Teil sahen wir einen Rundgang im Camp Maxwell auf der Insel Stratis mit etwa 30km², die kleinere der zwei Inseln im 300km² großen Terrain. In Teil 2 sahen wir Szenen aus dem Unterwasser-Spielwelt. Im dritten Teil präsentierte Gamestar uns die die neuen Lichteffekte in einer etwas helleren Nachtszenarie. Nun widmet sich Gamestar im Helikopter dem allgemeinen Plot des Spiels.

Ich glaube hier entsteht endlich eine Militärsimulation in die es vermag Konsumenten aus dem Mainstream zu aquirieren, ohne die eigene Seele aufzugeben. Hochgradig taktische realitätsnahe Unterhaltung von einer Spieleschmiede, die auch Militärsimulationen für das Osteuropäische Militär entwickelt. Darum für jeden Militärshooter-Fan eine Blick wert.

Link: Link zum Gamestar-Artikel
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